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What we are. Ruby's Pantry is a ministry of the whole community of Austin, Minnesota. We re-distribute a variety of foods from manufactures all over the USA. A volunteer driven monthly event, Ruby's Pantry draws its volunteer staff from all sorts of different churches and people from all walks of life. Its ability to attract many volunteers month after month is because people recognize that it truly makes a difference in the live of the families it serves.

Who is eligible? Everyone who eats. There are no income or residency requirements. All we ask is that you register so we can see what area we draw participants from.

How does it work? Each participant brings two laundry basket sized totes to Grace Lutheran Church in Austin, MN between 4:00 and 5:45 pm on the third Thursday of each month. You will also need a $20 cash donation that helps with the cost of logistics of getting a semi-truck full of food to Austin. You relax until you're called. When you are called you simply check in and bring your baskets to be filled with food. Once you're done filling your baskets you let us hold on to them while you go get your car and drive into the pick up line. You don't even have to get out of your car, just pull up and our volunteer staff will load your food into your car and you simply drive away.  

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